Stop money from running down the drain

The annual cost of water and sewerage runs (rubbish pun fully intended) to £393 a year (source). Many can save by asking their water company to install a meter, and then paying for exactly the amount they use – everyone loves an incentive. However, we live in a flat which has a shared inlet for the block and therefore can’t have a water meter. OK, so why are we bothered about reducing water use so we can save money?

You don’t just pay for the cost of the water itself, but for heating it too

I’m always up for slashing my energy bills! And when Thames Water offers you freebies to do so, it’s rude to say no.

It would be fair to compare our old shower experience to being dribbled on by an ant. OK, so that may be a slight exaggeration, but it was not a pleasant experience, even when turned up to full power.

Mmmmm, years of lovely limescale buildup… (seriously though, the limescale was so bad that the showerhead wouldn’t come off at first – white vinegar to the rescue!)

The snazzy new shower head works by adding air to the water (called aeration, which also means wearing ridulous spiked shoes to perform a silly dance across a lawn) so it feels like the same pressure but with less water.

Can you believe this stylish shower head was free?!

Now, we don’t even have to have the shower on full blast to experience something called water pressure. And less water coming through the shower head means less water to heat so that’s less gas and more cash (which nearly rhymes). Thames Water estimates that we could save £26/year in energy costs just with the shower head. We could save even more by reducing our shower times – shaving a minute off per shower would be a reduction of £14 a year. Now that might sound small, but if you are like my old housemate and spend at least 30 mins a day in there, just halving your shower time to a still-luxurious 15 minutes would mean a saving of £105 a year.


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