Back to Basics – Frugality 101

After a few months of losing control of my budget and giving in to hideous lifestyle inflation, it’s time to get back on the frugal wagon. What better way to do so than a back to basics frugal challenge?

Get ready to enrol on Savings in the City’s crash course in budget basics, Frugality 101. Quieten down at the back, and get ready for:

  • How to slash your food budget whilst eating delicious meals
  • Budgeting for busy people
  • How to look chic on a shoestring
  • Furnishing your place on the cheap
  • How to have fun whilst living the frugal life

On the way, I’ll be launching myself headfirst into a variety of frugal challenges so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Back to Basics – Frugality 101

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