Butternut squash pasta bake

For my batch cooking this week, I attempted to make my own version of a Pret recipe for butternut squash and ricotta pasta, but with the ricotta replaced by a cheese sauce. However, there was a slight bump in the road with the cheese sauce…

Makes six portions


500g pasta – Basics penne, 35p

Approx. 1kg (whole weight) Butternut squash – £1.58

A quarter of a savoy cabbage – 14p

Cheese sauce to your recipe of choice – £1.82 (more details on this below)


First of all, peel, de-seed and chop the butternut squash in to 1.5cm cubes.

Cook the pasta according to pack instructions, leave it slightly underdone.

Cook the butternut squash in a pan of slightly salted water until tender (surprisingly fast – 3 or 4 minutes).

Cook the cabbage until done, I decided to steam mine

Next you need to make a cheese sauce – and this is where everything went a bit wrong. So, if I was going to make macaroni cheese with 500g pasta, I’d make approx. 1 pint of cheese sauce. This is what I did last night. If you need to coat nearly a kilo of butternut squash as well, you need to make double the amount of cheese sauce. I didn’t do this, and the end result was a bit dry. I’ve doubled the costings in the ingredients section to cover this.

Next, split the cabbage, butternut squash and cabbage between two dishes and coat with the cheese sauce. Top with grated cheese if you want.img_1219

The end result was lacking in sauce but definitely edible – I’d make it again but with double the amount of cheese sauce! I portioned it out with some broccoli on the side, and I’ve got four servings in the freezer, ready for work lunches.

Total cost


Cost per portion


Prices based on a Sainsbury’s shop



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